Kalisz waives property tax when greening roofs and façades

On 28 October, the city council of Kalisz adopted a decision nudging locals to take climate mitigation more seriously. Upon the proposition of Mayor Krystian Kinastowski, the local parliament decided that citizens could count on real estate tax exemption if they green their roofs or facades.

The measure will be valid from 1 January 2022 for the planting of perennial plants on the roof, which provides the building with multi-season vegetation, or for the greening of at least one wall of the building with vines whose roots are in the ground. Moreover, buildings that have an installation with a vertical garden could also be eligible to property tax exemption in the following year.

“Green walls and roofs are a good way to improve air quality in the city and increase the quality of life. Green facades become natural filters of pollution. They regulate the temperature inside buildings – they protect against heat and wind, absorb excess moisture, and reduce noise. They also improve the aesthetics of our city, they are simply its pride!… Introducing greenery to the urban space is one of the ways of adapting the city to climate change!” explained mayor Kinastowski, as quoted on the city website.


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