JR Holding will invest around PLN 100 million in startups with AIP Seed

JR Holding will invest together with AIP Seed about PLN 100 million in startups in the coming years, the company announced. The partners declare their willingness to introduce AIP SEED ASI to NewConnect.

“JR Holding ASI acquired 304 thousand. subscription warrants entitling to subscribe for the same number of shares in Tech-Rise ASI S.A. in exchange for PLN 4.25 million. Together with the shares already held, JRH will reach a total of 10% of the company's capital. The current investments of the AIP Foundation will also be contributed to the company. At the same time, the name of TECH-RISE was changed to AIP SEED ASI S.A. Thanks to this, an entity investing in startups at the earliest stage of development - pre-seed and seed - will be created.

The project combines the competencies of the AIP Foundation, which has so far invested in over 100 companies at the pre-seed and seed stage, and leading investors: January Ciszewski (through JR Holding), as well as Paweł and Jacek Ossowski (who will hold a total of 11% of in the capital of AIP SEED ASI).

JR Holding ASI is a company listed on the NewConnect market since 2012, focusing on investment activities and involvement in companies from the following industries: digital business, renewable energy sources, computer games, medical, biotechnology and modern media. In accordance with the strategy, this year the company intends to develop its portfolio by increasing its diversification, investing in the most promising ventures, launching new investment projects and debuting on the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.


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