JR Holding says investment program will bear fruit

JR Holding ASI estimates that it is currently in an “intensive” investment process, the full effects of which will be visible in about 2 years, said its president, January Ciszewski.

“We have bigger and bigger projects and the investment bar goes up. We have a lot of ‘on the wallpaper’ projects. The capitalization of JR Holding is currently below book value. I believe that the results of the entire investment process of this year’s capital entries into young companies will be shown in about 2 years and the market will appreciate it, ”Ciszewski said in an interview.

Earlier, the vice president, Artur Jedynak, indicated in an interview that JR Holding is carrying out over a dozen advanced investment projects.

“Our companies are developing. In addition to stock exchange investments, we also have non-public companies, including one that has grown five times in six months, is about to sign an important contract. There are more and more such situations in our portfolio, ”added Ciszewski.

He admitted that there was a downward revaluation of the Ongeno stake, in which the commercialization process of the medical project had accelerated, and the value of JR Holding’s stake had returned to its previous value.


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