JR Holding ASI is working on further investments and fundraising

JR Holding ASI is talking to other companies about the investment, with some of them it is at an advanced stage of negotiations, and is also intensively working on fundraising, informed ISBtech CFO Bartłomiej Kurylak.

“Since our last conversation in November last year, we invested in Fluence Technology and application owner Moniti. We are looking with interest at several more projects. These are topics, for example, in the field of electromobility, AI, marketplace, nanotechnology or medtech. We are also looking at a project with an entertainment company,” said ISBtech Kurylak.

As for the companies in which JRH has recently invested, Fluence is a deeptech company that has the technology to build femtosecond lasers, which are used in, among others, next-generation consumer electronics, polymers, semiconductors, LEDs, surface treatment, biophotonics and medicine. “We invested due to the fact that the product is immediately sold globally, and the management team consists of outstanding scientists in the field of photonics, who know the products they create very well, but also great sellers who can convince contractors from around the world” – Kurylak pointed out.

He noted that JR Holding is also conducting intensive fundraising activities.

“Under the leadership of January Ciszewski, we are in talks with several large investors interested in investing in JR Holding, we will provide details as they are determined” – said Kurylak.

JR Holding ASI is a company listed on the NewConnect market since 2012, focusing on investment activities and involvement in companies from the following industries: digital business, renewable energy sources, computer games, medical, biotechnology and modern media. In accordance with the strategy, this year the company intends to develop its portfolio by increasing its diversification, investing in the most promising ventures, launching new investment projects and debuting on the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.


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