JR Holding ASI analyzes several more investment projects

JR Holding ASI is analyzing over a dozen more projects, president January Ciszewski informed ISBnews. After switching from NewConnect to the WSE, the company will be able to update the valuation of non-public companies in its portfolio.

“After the information that we publish, you can see our pace of work. We are at the stage of several projects. We are positioned higher and higher on the investment market and we are approached by companies that were beyond our reach a year or two ago. A strong investment vehicle is emerging, ”Ciszewski told ISBnews.

"Last year, we carried out investments for several dozen million zlotys and we hope that reaching the total level of PLN 200 million from our strategy for 2021-2022 is realistic" - summed up the vice president of JR Holding.

JR Holding ASI is a company listed on the NewConnect market since 2012, focusing on investment activities and involvement in companies from the following industries: digital business, renewable energy sources, computer games, medical, biotechnology and modern media. The company has started the process of transferring quotations from NewConnect to the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

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