Crowdfunding: Janusz Palikot to raise 4.5 million pln for alcohol business

After a successful fundraising campaign in 2020, Janusz Palikot is not slowing down in using crowdfunding as a form of raising capital for the development of his business ideas. The next issue of shares as part of equity crowdfunding will start on September 30. The funds are to support the development of a chain of restaurants with their own distilleries and the production of high-quality alcoholic beverages.

This is the second issue of Alembik Polska, the president of which is a former politician. This time the originator aims at PLN 4.5 million, which is to provide the company with funds for further investments in existing premises and the opening of new ones. The crowdfunding campaign is carried out on the Crowdway platform.

The company managing the Alkotek chain, i.e. restaurants with their own distilleries, also specializing in the production of high-quality vodkas – has published the details of the second share issue, scheduled for September 30, 2021. As part of equity crowdfunding, it plans to raise PLN 4.5 million for further investments in Czarcia Łapa and Young Poland and the opening of a new restaurant in Warsaw. It is worth recalling that the first campaign brought the company PLN 4.2 million in financing.


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