Tauron to convert post-industrial site to largest solar farm in Poland

Tauron has announced that it will build the largest solar farm in Poland. The installed capacity of the power plant will ultimately reach 100 MW, and the panels will cover an area equal to 22 football fields. The largest solar farm currently in operation in our country is the power plant belonging to ZE PAK with a capacity of 70 MW in the Brudzew commune (Greater Poland Voivodeship).

The new Tauron farm will be located in Mysłowice, on a reclaimed combustion waste landfill. The investment will be implemented thanks to funds obtained from the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.

The power plant will be built in two stages: in the first stage, approximately 37 MW will be put into operation, while the second one provides for the construction of an installation with a capacity of approximately 60 MW. The construction of the first stage will be co-financed by the Operational Program Infrastructure and Environment.

“The use of post-industrial areas belonging to the group for the construction of photovoltaic farms is one of the main directions of building new green power. We launched the first such farm in Jaworzno, today we are starting the implementation of the investment in Mysłowice on a much larger scale” – says Artur Michałowski, acting the president of Tauron. – We are consistently implementing the Green Return of Tauron, and thanks to such projects we want to achieve 1.6 GW of installed capacity in renewable energy sources in 2025 – he adds.

The first works on the site of the investment will begin in the first quarter of 2022. 94,000 units will be installed in Mysłowice. photovoltaic panels with a total area of ​​16 ha, which corresponds to as many as 22 football fields.


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