Issue of Neutrino Geology shares starts

Neutrino Geology SA has started a public issue of shares worth approx. PLN 2.5 million on the Navigator Crowd platform. The goal of the emission is to raise funds to finance the project of building a modular geo-neutrino detector. The device designed by Polish scientists will generate a three-dimensional map of raw material deposits in the earth's crust, which, in the opinion of experts, will revolutionize the global mining sector. The research is carried out under the supervision and on the basis of patents of the world-famous physicist Dr. Andrzej K. Drukier. The amount of the issue will supplement the sum of PLN 9.8 million received for this purpose from the National Center for Research and Development and PLN 2 million obtained so far from private investors. In 2024, the start of commercialization of the project and the planned debut on NewConnect.

Breakthrough technology and an experienced team. 

Neutrino Geology SA conducts research on the development of mobile detectors of a three-dimensional image of the upper layer of the Earth's crust based on the analysis of the geo-neutrino flux emitted during the decay of radioactive elements. The measurement result will most likely indicate whether there are deposits in a given area, e.g. crude oil, natural gas, uranium, precious metals and rare earth metals. Ultimately, this will allow for a radical reduction in the time and cost of geological exploration, which is particularly important in the context of the global depletion of deposits.

- Neutrino Geology technology is the game changer of the mining sector. The detector, being a specific type of the Earth's crust scanner, will increase the probability of geological exploration success, reduce the number of drillings needed and, consequently, dramatically reduce time and costs. The innovativeness of our solution - apart from its non-invasive nature and the ability to work at ambient temperature - is closely correlated with the modular structure of the device. The currently existing geo-neutrino detectors have a mass of 1000 tons, while our detector will consist of modules with a weight depending on the size of the studied area, i.e. from 256 to 1024 kg, which will allow for fully mobile and unlimited exploration of deposit resources in virtually every corner of the globe - says Dr. Waldemar Maj, President of the Management Board of Neutrino Geology SA.

Parallel to obtaining the first revenues, the Company plans to debut on the NewConnect market. The Management Board of Neutrino Geology is obliged by the resolution of the Extraordinary General Meeting to enter NewConnect within three years from the registration of the issue of series E shares. However, in the opinion of the Management Board, the most optimal and desirable date is 2024. All the founding shareholders of the Company, ie Andrzej Drukier, Waldemar Maj, Dariusz Jaszczyński and Capital Strategy concluded lock-up agreements for 95%. of all shares held for the period of 12 months from the day of introducing the shares of the Company Series E to the NewConnect public market.

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