Israeli firm unveils 600t salmon showcase operation in Poland

Israeli indoor aquaculture technology company AquaMaof Technologies revealed a recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) salmon hatchery and grow-out operation in central Poland, named Global Fish, on Wednesday.

The 600-metric-ton per annum research and development (R&D) facility has been operating just outside of Warsaw since 2016, and has successfully-grown several large batches of harvest-sized fish. David Hazut, CEO of AquaMaof, believes it is a highly encouraging result from just two years of operations.

“We see significant growth potential in the supply of recirculating aquaculture systems to salmon production companies. The investment in Poland will serve two main purposes: first, we are operating this facility as an R&D center, collecting valuable information and analyzing it, for further innovation in the RAS area. Secondly, it serves as a training facility for our customers and staff,” said Hazut, in a press release.

AquaMaof has grown several large batches, now ranging from eggs to smolts to 5-kilogram, harvest-size fish, the company revealed.

“We are extremely proud of the fact that in such short a time we were able to achieve very good results in growing smolts up to market-size salmons, in terms of operation costs, FCR [feed conversion ratio] and not less important – excellent taste and color of the fish” Hazut said.

The Global Fish facility houses several RAS rearing units with tank space ranging from 1-200 sq. meters, all operating under conditions aimed to maximize salmon growth without harming fish welfare.

The Global Fish facility is not AquaMaof’s only ongoing project. The company has established a business in Scotland targeting salmon farmers, while there are also ongoing plans to build the world’s largest indoor salmon aquaculture facility in Newfoundland, with the Grieg Newfoundland Salmon project.


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