PAK hires American advisor IP3 for its nuclear power implementation plans

Zespół Elektrowni Pątnów-Adamów-Konin (ZE PAK) has signed an agreement with IP3 Corporation (IP3) to develop a plan for the implementation and development of nuclear power in Poland, the company said. IP3 will be the main advisor of ZE PAK in these processes.

The cooperation will include it obtaining approvals from appropriate authorities and offices, including American and Polish, as well as other international ones, which may be necessary for the implementation of the project. It may also involve gaining approval from supervisory and regulatory authorities in individual countries that will be suppliers of the technology. The parties will work together to prepare an implementation and financial plan to create the requirements and then order specific solutions.

“Nuclear energy will play a key role in the global energy mix. We want highly industrialized countries to be able to use existing technologies and effectively achieve the climate goals set for 2040. This plan, implemented through the private sector, will allow Poland to successfully enter this demanding market and prepare for the transition to hydrogen and nuclear technologies, ”said Michael Hewitt, co-founder and president of IP3.


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