Invest in green energy, says top fund manager

“It is safest to invest in companies from the energy or fuel sector that have announced the transformation of businesses towards green energy. In RES, we see the greatest interest in solar and wind energy companies. In addition, I would pay special attention to hydrogen energy and companies related to investments in infrastructure and water sources”, says Tomasz Bursa, vice president of OPTI TFI in an interview with WNP.PL.

In recent months, significant increases in the share prices of companies related to renewable energy and electromobility have been observed. What are the reasons for this?

Tomasz Bursa, vice-president of OPTI TFI: – The dynamic increase in the prices of such companies is influenced by several factors. Importantly, they are visible in virtually all markets and asset classes, which means that we are dealing with a significant megatrend.

First of all, investors found out that green energy is not only an idea, but a real, profitable business. The energy transformation we are witnessing is a structural change in the economy. It was noticed that practically the entire increase in demand for energy in the next 30 years will be generated from renewable sources, which means that the demand for them will increase 2.5-3 times – assuming a “flat” supply from conventional sources.

Secondly: renewable energy has become cheaper, it is easier to build new capacities and less and less support from countries is needed for this purpose – so it has become fully commercial.

Third: the need for fiscal stimulus and additional public funds in the economy to stimulate green investment that has strong public support.

Finally, the largest energy companies have understood – or have been forced by regulations – to rapidly transform their businesses towards green energy – and have stepped up with their investments by leaps and bounds.

These factors quickly triggered the demand, but suddenly it turned out that there are few public companies that offer exposure to green energy and that is why we are dealing with significant increases in stock prices and the buying of the very distant future by investors now, because they are simply afraid to stay out of the box. this structural trend.


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