Intel counts on the quick approval of the EC and the launch of the plant near Wrocław in 2027

Intel is optimistic about the possibility of quickly obtaining approval from the European Commission for the construction of a plant in Miękinia near Wrocław and launching it in 2027, Michał Dżoga, Intel’s country manager for Poland, informed ISBnews.

“We are starting concrete planning and preparations for the construction of the plant now. We cooperate with local and central authorities and investment support agencies. The construction itself will start after the approval of the European Commission,” Dżoga said in an interview with ISBnews.

“This is the plan for the plant to be operational in 2027. It will be part of a complex ecosystem and in this ecosystem we are reporting a demand for products ‘from here’ at the end of 2027.” – added.

He assessed that Intel is optimistic about the possibility of keeping this plan.

“Europe recently issued an agreement on the EU Chips [European Chips Act]. This is the basis for our optimism that the approval process will go quickly. Because this agreement is already a specific declaration that the European Union wants these semiconductors to be produced in Europe,” explained Dżoga.

According to him, the plant will be one of the most important for Intel and will serve the latest technologies in the scale of the concern.

“There are three plants of this type in Asia, this is the first in Europe and one of several such plants in the world. When Intel builds new factories, they are designed for the latest technologies,” emphasized the country manager.

“The construction itself will create a large number of jobs – at the moment we are talking about 2,000. But the most important thing is that the finished product will come out of this place and we will see what our customers will do. We assume that this factory will attract our OEMs, customers, suppliers to Poland and Europe – all in the spirit of shortening supply chains,” he also pointed out.

Dżoga also announced that “there is also room for the expansion of this plant.” “If there is demand – we will consider whether it is possible to go further with this investment” – he concluded.

Last week, Intel Corporation announced that it will invest approximately PLN 20 billion in the Semiconductor Integration and Testing Plant in Miękinia near Wrocław – it is the largest high-tech investment in this region of Europe and the largest foreign direct investment (FDI) in the history of Poland. The plant will employ approx. 2,000 people. employees, mainly highly qualified specialists and engineers in the production, while the entire project – the activities of the investor and its subcontractors – will generate at least 10,000 jobs. new jobs.

Intel Corporation’s investment will increase the resilience of supply chains for products of strategic importance to the economy, and will connect the Polish economy to the global supply chain in the most dynamic technology industry. The European Union (EU) intends to increase its share of global semiconductor production to 20% by the end of 2030. Intel’s investment will be one of the key moves to achieve this goal.

When announcing the investment, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said that “this is a great moment not only for Poland, but also an element of the strategy of one of the world’s largest technological companies” and that it is an “absolutely special investment” that will attract cooperators.

Intel is one of the world’s leading manufacturers in the semiconductor industry. Processors that are created using technology straight from Silicon Valley are essential in the production of all sectors of the electronics industry – from basic household appliances to the most advanced computers.


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