Instagram for animals extends the deadline for the issue of shares

The Warsaw startup Petgram SA, which was the first in the world to combine a portal dedicated to pet lovers and owners with a collar equipped with a GPS tracker, extends the deadline for the public offering of shares in the form of a crowdinvesting campaign until December 2 this year. As part of the share issue, a maximum of 448,000 series B shares are offered at the issue price set at PLN 6.70 per share. The issue is carried out on the investment platform of Dom Maklerski INC - CrowdConnect. Subscriptions for the CrowdConnect tranche will be accepted until November 30 this year.
The purpose of the public offering of shares in Petgram SA is to raise up to PLN 3 million from investors. In October, the company announced that subscriptions for shares in the first tranche addressed to large investors were successful. Within two days, 149,253 series B shares with a value of nearly PLN 1 million were subscribed.

- We have decided to extend the date of issue of our shares in order to give all interested parties more time to get to know our company and to submit their subscriptions calmly. So far, we have obtained funds that will allow us to: for the finalization of the acquisition of the adoption portal, which is one of our issuance goals - says Jordan Wojsym-Antoniewicz, President of the Management Board of Petgram SA.

In addition to the acquisition of, the money collected from investors is planned to be used by Petgram SA for application development and intensive marketing activities that will help the company expand abroad.

– So far, we have gathered less than 27,000 users around the application. Interestingly - despite the lack of its English-language version, They come not only from Poland, but also from the United States, Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden. This shows that the solution we propose has great potential and can conquer foreign markets. The funds obtained from investors will support us in promotional activities and campaigns, thanks to which we will become even more visible - emphasizes Monika Goździalska, founder and shareholder of Petgram SA.


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