InPost will install 6 chargers for electric cars in Wrocław

InPost, together with GreenWay and TBS Wrocław, will install electric car charging stations in 6 Wrocław housing estates, the company said.
“Increasing the range of the electric car charging station network is fully in line with the idea of ​​the InPost Green City program. At InPost, we place a strong emphasis on ecology and successively replace cars in our fleet with electric ones. We monitor the emerging carbon footprint on an ongoing basis and introduce a number of pro-ecological solutions for our clients. Such solutions include, among others returnable packaging, multi-box, or the InPost parcel locker mounted on devices, green roofs and air sensors. We are glad that our partner TBS Wrocław shares this idea and we can work together for the benefit of Wrocław residents and the environment, ”said Marta Zalewska, director of partner relations and the InPost Green City Program, quoted in the release.

Electric car chargers will appear in the following months in the districts of Nowe Żerniki, Brochów, Leśnica, Psie Pole, Karłowice and Stabłowice, it was replaced. At each station, their operator will designate 2-3 parking spaces, which will be appropriately marked.

“Enabling the residents of multi-family housing estates to charge electric cars is one of the biggest challenges facing the development of electromobility. To answer them, we need broad, cross-sectoral partnerships of entities involved in building zero-emission transport. It is in these categories that we perceive cooperation on the green initiative in Wrocław, ”added Rafał Czyżewski, President of GreenWay Polska.

GreenWay Polska manages the largest publicly accessible network of fast charging stations for electric vehicles in Poland. GreenWay chargers are also available in Slovakia. Currently, there are over 350 charging stations in the company’s network in Poland.

InPost is a delivery platform for e-commerce. Founded in 1999 by Rafał Brzoska in Poland, InPost has a network of parcel lockers in Poland, Great Britain and Italy, and also provides courier and fullfilment services for e-commerce sellers in Poland. In July 2021, he finalized the acquisition of the French company Mondial Relay. In January 2021, InPost made its debut on the Euronext Amsterdam stock exchange.


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