InPost to install 60% of 5,000 planned parcel lockers in the countryside

InPost plans to install a total of approx. 5,000 parcel lockers in Poland this year, 60% of which will be located in the countryside, said CEO Rafał Brzoska.

“This year, the company will install approx. 5,000 parcel lockers in Poland, 60% of which will be located in the countryside. We want to activate new customers, we are aware that we are the ones who generate revenues for online stores. We currently have 15 million users of InPost services and we want to develop another 13 million customers, ”Brzoska said during a panel at the European Economic Congress (EKG) in Katowice.

According to Brzoska, the new trend that will drive e-commerce will be the formula of used goods trading from client to client and from platforms that intermediate in such trading to the client.

“In the next 6-7 years, I expect e-commerce will have a 40-50% share in total trade. I hope that there are still many locations in rural areas and in smaller towns that we want to develop,” Brzoska said in an interview.


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