InPost orders 260 electric vans to green operations in Poland

The Polish courier service InPost has procured 260 electric vans and expects these to join the fleet before the year’s end. InPost will then run a total fleet of 300 electric vehicles. The new vans on order primarily come from the Nissan retrofitter Voltia.

The order from InPost includes 250 Nissan e-NV200 vans and another ten Mercedes-Benz eSprinter vehicles. While the courier quotes Maciej Klenkiewicz, managing director of Nissan Sales CEE, saying Nissan was “working hard to keep up with demand” from clients such as InPost, Voltia has actually designed the vans on order. The conversion specialist from Slovakia reportedly retrofitted the Nissan van to hold up to three euro pallets. Nissan has been offering Voltia conversions through its dealer network since 2020.

For InPost, the courier is en route to decarbonise its operations. Couriers will use the new vans to deliver parcels directly and to a network of new lockers (“Paczkomaty”). “Our growing parcel locker network means we need more and better vehicles, but also environmentally friendly ones,” said InPost CEO Rafał Brzoska. As a result, the company estimates, the lockers would help deliver “hundreds of parcels through a single trip”, and more precisely, “Paczkomaty delivery reduces CO2 emissions by two-thirds compared to courier deliveries in urban areas and by up to 90% in rural areas.”


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