InPost introduce used equipment return service via Parcel Lockers

InPost introduced the Elektro Returns service, i.e. the return of used electrical and electronic equipment via Parcel Lockers, without additional conditions and fees, the company said. In this way, you can give away laptops, computers, telephones, tablets, small household appliances, radios, audio, video, photographic equipment, power tools, electronic toys, and even drones or sports equipment.

“By returning equipment that you do not use and that is potentially functional, you give it a chance to be reused by another person or institution – and thus have a positive impact on the environment. The cost of the service and its carbon footprint will be lower than the production of a new device with similar functionalities and parameters. If the service costs exceed the production costs, the device will undergo recycling processes, as a result of which valuable raw materials will be recovered, including ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as plastics and glass. By returning the equipment, you consciously care for the environment, and your actions fit in with the ideas of Zero Waste and Reuse, which are important elements of the circular economy. The handed-over equipment is to be reused, and its diagnostics or repair are to ensure that it can be returned to use again without any negative impact on the environment, ”said Rafał Brzoska, president of InPost.

The equipment goes to a professional company, where it is checked for efficiency and the possibility of re-use in part or in full. The equipment will be tested in accordance with EU standards for reuse.


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