inPost concluded a contract for the provision of services fulfilled for Modivo

InPost will provide fulfillment services for Modivo. As part of the contract, Modivo will transfer its products to InPost fulfillment centers located at the company's sorting plants, where the products will be packaged by InPost and delivered to the end customer. This operation will allow faster delivery times to Modivo's customer, InPost reported.

“Most online shoppers expect to receive the goods the day after they shop. However, the need to pack and deliver the goods to the logistic operator's warehouses limits the possibility of immediate delivery. This problem is solved by the InPost Fulfillment service, to which the warehouses located next to the InPost sorting plant go directly to orders from the partner's store. InPost packs them and packs them, and they immediately go to the company's sorting facility located next to it. Thanks to this solution, the so-called cut-off-time - the time after which the seller is not able to guarantee delivery the next day - one of the most important factors in e-commerce that affects the effectiveness of sales and building consumer loyalty, ”explained Rafał Brzoska, CEO of InPost, quoted in the release.

Brzoska emphasizes that InPost has long been not so much logistics, but supporting sales in various ways and in many areas for the e-commerce sector.

“I am glad that Modivo decided to take advantage of our wide offer and entrusted us with full logistics service of the e-commerce process, including returns. It is a process whose first stage will take place in the first quarter of 2023, and the entire migration process should be completed at the beginning of the second quarter of next year. We anticipate that thanks to the implementation of the InPost Fulfillment service by Modivo, more than 200 people will find work in our warehouses. At the same time, thanks to the economies of scale, we will achieve the goal of D + 1 delivery (delivery on the next business day after sending the package) for over 99% of packages coming from this distribution channel. We are convinced that our service will significantly support Modivo's supply chain, ”he said.

InPost is a delivery platform for e-commerce. Founded in 1999 by Rafał Brzoska in Poland, InPost has a network of parcel lockers in Poland, Great Britain and Italy, and also provides courier and fullfilment services for e-commerce sellers in Poland. In July 2021, he finalized the acquisition of the French company Mondial Relay. In January 2021, InPost made its debut on the Euronext Amsterdam stock exchange.

Modivo is a European e-commerce leader in the sale of clothing, footwear and accessories, which combines the offer of and Modivo. The company's sales platforms are available in several European countries. The company also conducts stationary sales in the largest Polish agglomerations.

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