Inpost, CD Projekt, Luxmed, Panek. Polish businesses to help Ukraine and war refugees

The list of Polish companies that declare and organize help for Ukrainians is getting longer - both for those who stay in the areas covered by the war and for refugees.

The transport exchange announced that it will transfer PLN 2 million as part of supporting aid actions for the inhabitants of Ukraine. It will also provide accommodation, long-term financial assistance, and, if necessary, the organization of kindergartens and other current needs for 100 people - refugees from Ukraine. In the first place, these will be the employees and families of its Ukrainian branch. is also organizing a transport bridge between Western Europe and Ukraine. I urge all carriers that can enter Ukraine to join this action.

Only within the first day after the announcement by Tech To The Rescue, a Polish foundation that connects technology companies with non-profit organizations, that it is launching the #TechForUkraine campaign, over a hundred companies from the IT sector declared their help for Ukrainian NGOs.

- The community of IT companies has shown its solidarity many times. Tech leaders have responded to phenomena such as the migration crisis and the Covid 19 epidemic, but many of them regularly support charities. Now Ukrainian non-profits need support more than ever, and Tech To The Rescue is a bridge between those who operate on the spot and those who are ready to serve with their talent and knowledge - said Jacek Siadkowski, director and co-founder of Tech To The Rescue.

CD Projekt, the largest Polish producer of video games, also declared its help, and on Friday 25 February this year. announced in social media that as part of solidarity with Ukraine, he will donate PLN 1 million to the Polish Humanitarian Action. In turn, Maciej Panek, CEO of Panek, announced that he had donated 1 thousand. Panek cars to transport people in need on the Polish-Ukrainian border.

The "Aid for Ukraine" package has also been prepared by Luxmed - it includes, among others, urgent medical assistance for people coming from Ukraine, support in the relocation of workers' families from Ukraine to Poland, material and equipment support for hospitals in this country, and the creation of jobs for war refugees.

Brand24, whose CEO, Michał Sadowski, wrote on LinkedIn that a decision was made there to make its proprietary tool available for free to organizations whose task is to fight disinformation, is also contributing to it.

- It is worth reminding to the point of boredom that the Internet is the site of the activities of Putin's trolls, who will fuel divisions and aversion to Ukraine and refugees fleeing the war. We can already see an increase in the number of mentions reminding us of the black pages of Polish-Ukrainian history, writes Sadowski.

On Saturday, February 26 this year. Rafał Brzoska, one of the richest Poles and the head of InPosta, informed that due to the fact that the country has many collections of food, medicine and clothing for the needs of the inhabitants of Ukraine, his company will make available its transport fleet to transport the delivered products to the right place.

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