Poultry prices up 60% as bird flu spreads

In just over a month, the poultry market may collapse – warns the industry quoted by portalspozywczy.pl. Due to the spreading of bird flu in Poland, and the resulting necessity to kill the reproductive flocks, one third of poultry meat may disappear from the market in 40 days.

According to the information published by the Food Portal, the worst situation in terms of new outbreaks of avian influenza is in the vicinity of Żuromin and Mława, i.e. the Polish chicken farming region. The journalist’s unofficial findings indicate that a decision has already been made to kill all poultry in this area. Regardless of whether the disease has been found in a given farm.

What’s more, the influenza virus hits reproductive herds, and as a result, it hatch by about 30 percent per month fewer chicks than usual. Considering that slightly over 100 million chickens hatch in Poland every month, in 40 days the market may be short of 30 percent poultry meat.

This may result in an increase in prices, which are already 60 percent higher than at the end of 2020. The problem of the decrease in supply and the increase in prices may be significant as research conducted in recent years indicate that poultry is the most popular meat in Poland.


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