Industry 4.0 will now need a more specialized workforce

Although most manufacturing companies in the world already use data analytics, they rarely use its full potential. One of the reasons is the lack of competences.

Only 16 percent. Manufacturing executives said in a recent study by the Boston Consulting Group that their company gets tangible value from advanced data science. It is true that 81 percent. out of 1,700 surveyed managers already use such solutions in companies, but usually on a small scale

The most difficult challenge of the fourth industrial revolution is teaching people the right competencies; companies that have them have a significant advantage – assesses Joachim Hensch, former boss of Hugo Boss. – You can’t create proper modeling or advanced artificial intelligence if we don’t have good data. However, someone has to arrange them in the company and manage them well – adds prof. Murat Gunal from the University of Lancaster.

Both are lecturers of Industry 4.0 Global Executive Post-Graduate Program – postgraduate studies organized by Stanversity under the aegis of the University of Economics in Wrocław. This is a new venture of Tomasz Szpikowski, head of the recruitment company Bergmann Engineering. At Stanversity, he has brought together industry 4.0 experts from around the world who will teach a new model of managing manufacturing companies.

According to Stanversity research, in Poland only 39 percent. companies have adequate human resources to undergo digital transformation. – The Polish industry lacks over 70 thousand. engineers – assesses Szpikowski. He adds that this year will be a time to defrost investments and implement new projects, including those related to industry 4.0.


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