IMC with a record harvest of winter wheat, the yield increased to 7.1 t/ha

IMC completed the winter wheat harvest with the best result in the company’s history, with an average yield of 7.1 t/ha, which is a record level for the Group, the company announced. This season, IMC harvested winter wheat from an area of 33.3 thousand ha. ha (nearly 28% of the land bank), obtaining 236 thousand. tons of grain.

Last year, wheat was sown on an area of 18.3 thousand hectares. ha, from which 123 thousand. tons, and the average yield per hectare was then 6.7 tons, and so far this value has been an IMC record. The previous one was set in 2019 at 6.3 t/ha, it was reported.

“This year’s harvest area was more than 80% higher than the traditional winter crop area for our company, which was due to changes in the crop rotation structure in favor of winter crops replacing maize. Nevertheless, we managed to harvest all the grain in a timely manner and achieved excellent results despite the prolonged sowing of winter wheat last year and the reduced amount of fertilizer,” said IMC COO Oleksandr Verzhikhovsky, quoted in the release.

The company pointed out that a significant change in the sowing structure in 2022 was forced by the war. Corn acreage has been reduced in favor of winter wheat, as corn requires more gas and electricity for grain drying.

IMC is an integrated agricultural group operating in Ukraine. Its main directions of activity are: production of agricultural products (maize, wheat, sunflower) and storage of agricultural products. IMC owns a land bank of 120,000 sq. ha in the Poltava, Chernihiv and Sumy regions. The company has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2011.


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