Ignitis will start selling and servicing PV panels for business customers in Poland

The Ignitis Group will start selling and servicing photovoltaic panels in Poland in the business customer segment, the company said.

“In Poland, we have ambitious plans in photovoltaics, supported by the extensive experience of the Ignitis Group. We want to offer Polish clients a ‘energy smart’ approach, flexible and sustainable, allowing us to respond to their needs as fully as possible. We construct our offer on the basis of a full analysis of needs, creating products tailored to the specificity of a specific client. We see a great potential for the development of photovoltaics on the Polish market and we want to become one of the main suppliers of PV solutions for business, ”said the president of Ignitis Polska, Diana Kazakevič, quoted in the release sent to ISBnews.

Ignitis addresses its offer to small, medium and large enterprises. It will include, among others, the construction of small PV installations up to 50 kWp. Companies will be able to purchase the installation or decide to rent it.


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