Lithuania Ignitis launches Pomerania Wind Farm; expects 400 million euro profits to blow

Pomerania Wind Farm, a company belonging to the Ignitis Group, received a license to generate electricity from the President of the Energy Regulatory Office (ERO). Thus, the Pomerania wind farm located in the Pomeranian Voivodeship started commercial energy production. Its sale for the next 15 years at the price of PLN 214.98 per MWh was ensured in the RES auction.

“The Ignitis concern estimates that within 30 years of operation Pomerania will generate an operating EBITDA profit of EUR 400 million. The expected annual volume of energy produced by it is 300 GWh. This is equivalent to the average annual electricity demand of 160,000 households”.

Pomerania is the first project of this type of the Ignitis group implemented in Poland. The farm has 29 turbines with a total capacity of 94 MW.

“Green energy is the flagship of the Ignitis Group. The Group is planning further investments in green generation capacity in Poland. Ignitis Polska has just signed a conditional contract for the purchase of photovoltaic farms with a total capacity of 80 MW. renewable generation capacity, we supply and service photovoltaic installations, we provide balancing of production and energy consumption “- said the president of Ignitis Polska, Diana Kazakevič.


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