Iglotex: Industry 4.0 has become a present in the FMCG industry

  • Food companies invest in the implementation of modern solutions. They see a source of savings due to automation, robotization, digitization of processes – says Mirosława Podszucka, director of the Iglotex plant in Skórcz.

In total, almost 700 employees are employed there. The total value of the investment was PLN 190 million. The director of the Iglotex plant in Skórcz believes that industry 4.0 has become present also in the FMCG industry.

  • Basing operational processes on advanced data processing systems, automation and robotization results from specific business needs and recent turbulences (COVID-10). Food companies spend large amounts of money on the implementation of modern solutions, as they see a source of significant savings due to the implementation of automation, robotization or digitization of processes. Enterprises combine and integrate processes and devices in an advanced way, thanks to which the burden of planning and supervision of production is transferred from people to computers with a wide use of data from control and control systems (SCADA) – assures Mirosława Podszucka.

The investment in the Iglotex factory in Skórcz was designed and implemented based on the pillars of industry 4.0 (automation, digitization, robotization).

The implementation of the Industry 4.0 concept, however, is associated with the need for new competences among employees and the search for specialists in the field of automation.

  • The factory in Skórcz, as well as the entire food industry, uses artificial intelligence solutions that improve quality safety, efficiency and help to streamline processes. Artificial intelligence uses many sensors, sensors and cameras that transmit data to a central database. Thanks to this, we can constantly control selected process parameters, examine quality parameters and anticipate potential problems. Thanks to the use of predictive models in the technical department, we can eliminate many failures and downtimes – enumerates Mirosława Podszucka, director of the Iglotex plant in Skórcz.


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