IFS will launch Presales Hub in Poland for European and US markets

IFS will launch Presales Hub for Europe and the US in Poland, said IFS Chief Revenue Officer Simon Niesler.

“We have decided to establish our next hub in Poland – this time Presales Hub for Europe and the USA. This year, initiating activities will be launched, especially the acquisition of experts, and next year we assume entering the phase of supporting our sales activities. We are still a challenger on the global market, we have high dynamics of revenues from new clients and we want to use the potential of the Polish market and the EE region to achieve our ambitious business goals,” said Niesler during the IFS Connect Eastern Europe conference.

Elni Kullmer, President of IFS for the Northern Europe and CEE market, added that the decision to establish Presales Hub in Poland is the fulfillment of promises about IFS investments in a dynamically growing region.

“Not only are we very pleased with the growth of IFS in Poland and the EE region, but we also appreciate the local pool of talent and experienced experts. We also see business opportunities related to the digitization of companies, migration to the cloud, and we want to be a partner of Polish companies in their dynamic development,” added Kullmer.

Two years ago, IFS opened the global structures of the Global Delively Hub consulting center in Poland. Experts from Poland and Eastern European countries support the company in the field of Application Management Services.

“We are also trying to acquire another IFS resource hub for Poland. Market experts want to work in the Polish IFS. In less than 2 years, we have recruited 90 highly specialized people from a very demanding market in terms of human capital. We have also already hired a significant number of employees for the IFS global delivery center in Poland. Our market and intellectual potential are appreciated by the global IFS structures, which makes us very happy. It turns out that in Western countries they have even more difficulties with attracting people and even reach for our resources. It is worth noting that the cost of the Polish market is slowly catching up with the West. IFS is looking for people who have not only IT competences, but above all business competences,” added Marek Głazowski, President of IFS Poland & EE.

The IFS Group develops and supplies software for companies around the world that produce and distribute goods, create and maintain assets, and manage service-oriented activities.


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