IdoSell and Packeta have an agreement to expand logistics services

The Polish store platform IdoSell has announced its integration with Packeta, which provides global logistics services. Thanks to this integration, over 6,000 online stores will be able to ship quickly and cheaply to 34 countries in Europe, Asia and America, the company said.

“Packeta offers all logistics and automation in one place, thanks to which the e-shop does not have to search for suppliers on its own, negotiate prices with them, and then sign several different contracts. Imagine how long it would take to enter several markets with at least a few courier companies delivering parcels to different regions of a given country. Each such company must not only be found, but also checked and negotiated terms of cooperation. Packeta, on the other hand, provides the entire infrastructure, support and flexible forms of delivery at affordable prices in an integrated module that you only need to run “- said Dawid Bednarek, sales director at Packeta Polska, quoted in the release.

Packeta will offer merchants access to 8,000. own collection points, 92 thousand. partnerships and other options for delivering parcels abroad (the platform works with 70 courier companies).


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