IDEAS NCBR wants to focus on blockchain and AI technology

The IDEAS NCBR company set up by the National Center for Research and Development (NCBR) will focus on blockchain technology and intelligent algorithms and has already established appropriate working groups for this purpose, the company said.

“The aim of the IDEAS NCBR company is to increase the research, development and innovation potential in the field of artificial intelligence and digital economy. IDEAS NCBR will take care to raise the level of competences of the scientific staff and increase the number of research and development works, primarily on the subject of artificial intelligence. An important area of ​​the company’s activity will also be the development of cooperation between scientists and business and commercialization of the results of implemented projects by co-creating spin-off companies. They will be able to count on further support from the National Center for Research and Development with the use of many tools included in the Centre’s portfolio of activities, ”said the NCBR director, Dr. Eng. Wojciech Kamieniecki.

As emphasized, IDEAS NCBR will enable work on innovations in the field of AI on a scale that was often unavailable for business. The institution will be a catalyst for research processes in Poland, they will be faster, conducted with greater momentum, by the most renowned experts. The result will be innovations based on AI algorithms implemented in various sectors and building well-educated academic staff.


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