CEO of Industrial Bank of Korea to visit Poland, review bank’s plan to open office

Industrial Bank of Korea (IBK) CEO Yoon Jong-won will fly to Europe next week, as part of the state-run bank’s efforts to expand its global presence, the bank said last week.

This is the first time for him to travel overseas for business as the IBK CEO, since his appointment in January last year.

“The CEO will visit our London branch, and will also go to Poland, on the sidelines of his meeting with OECD Deputy Secretary-General Yoshiki Takeuchi and OECD Center for Entrepreneurship, SMEs, Regions and Cities Director Lamia Kamal-Chaoui in Paris to discuss measures to support small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs),” an IBK spokesman said.

Poland is regarded as the most important destination for Yoon’s forthcoming week-long trip, as he will review the bank’s plan to open a local office there, which the bank has been pursuing over the past several years.

“Many Korean companies, including SMEs, are doing business in Poland, as the country is serving as Europe’s production base,” the IBK spokesman said.


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