Hungary and Poland plan nuclear to replace coal

Poland says its first nuclear power unit will be built in Gdansk and the second one probably at the site of its Belchatów coal plant.

Poland’s Energy Policy for 2040 is based on three pillars: a just transition; a zero-emission energy system; and good air quality. As part of this policy, Poland plans to build six nuclear units by 2043.

Naimski announced last week that the diplomatic notes Poland and the USA exchanged last year on cooperation in the development of Poland’s civil nuclear power programme had officially entered into force. This means the USA now has 18 months to prepare both a technology and a financing offer to build nuclear power plants in Poland, he said.

The Polish government said in September last year that it plans to phase out coal more quickly than its previously stated ambition. The share of coal in the country’s energy mix should fall to 35.6-56% in 10 years, which contrasts with the 56-60% provided for in a government report in November 2019. According to the latest plan, the share of coal in Polish energy consumption could fall to 11-28% by 2040, depending on whether the price of CO2 emissions permits will be cheaper or more expensive.


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