Hub.Tech is counting on its and InventionBio’s debut on the WSE main market by the end of this year

Hub.Tech hopes to transfer its listing from NewConnect to the WSE main market, as well as the debut of its subsidiary InventionBio on the WSE main market by the end of this year, said Paweł Rodowicz, vice president of the Hub.Tech Group. Another subsidiary, Stars.Space, will also submit an information document to the WSE on the introduction of shares to the alternative trading system this year.

“We hope that by the end of 2022, in addition to Hub.Tech, we will also see InventionBio on the main floor of the WSE. Additionally, Stars.Space is working intensively on the preparation of an information document to be submitted to the WSE by the end of this year. We believe that the actions we have undertaken will give the group a chance for even greater development, and that investors' interest in our companies will increase significantly, ”said Rodowicz, quoted in the press release.

In the last quarter, InventionBio also submitted an issue prospectus to the KNF regarding the planned debut, which is to be the first big step towards becoming the largest company in the industrial biotechnology industry in Poland, emphasized in the material.

"As announced this year, the information document on the introduction of shares to the alternative trading system will be submitted to the WSE by Stars.Space - a subsidiary of the group, specializing in influencer marketing monetization" - the release reads further.

InventionBio conducts and implements many studies and projects, incl. is the owner of a breakthrough technology used in biorefineries, which is based on the process of biotransformation of agricultural biomass with the use of GRAS microorganisms intended for this purpose. In the biorefining process, the company acquires, among others compounds with health-promoting properties for use in food and animal feed. Hub.Tech owns almost 62% of the company's shares.

Hub.Tech - previously as Boruta-Zachem - is a production company operating in the chemical industry, focused in three main areas: production of dyes and pigments, production of biosurfactants used in the chemical and cosmetic industry, and research and development of innovative chemical solutions. Since 2014, it has been a company listed on the NewConnect market.

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