Plantwear producing wooden watches, plans to shift strategy

Plantwear is a Polish company that produces watches and other wooden gadgets, which primarily develops sales through the e-commerce channel.

As part of the # GiełdowaTurystyka project, we were in the company’s new plant in Radzyń Podlaski to learn the details of the new strategy and see how watches and other wooden gadgets are made up close.

Plantwear’s new strategy for 2021-2022 assumes transformation into a capital group and transfer from NewConnect to the main floor of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. In addition to unique production and design competences, the company also has extensive knowledge of effective online sales and the development of e-commerce channels. It is this knowledge and skills that he uses in the already launched new sales concepts of GiftBay and JustPlants. Subsequent initiatives will appear soon and they and the development outside Poland are to be responsible for the further increase in sales.

Most of the products sold by Plantwear are made on site in the production plant purchased by the company, which is located in Radzyń Podlaski. This gives flexibility and the ability to quickly respond to changing trends and fashions. The location gives the company a lot of space for further development and is the starting point for the implementation of the new strategy.

This is where the new Plantwear concepts like GiftBay and JustPlants are handled. Wooden watches and glasses for which the company is best known are also produced here. Plantwear is a leader in this area on the Polish market and develops sales on foreign markets. Additionally, the company, as part of the current strategy, plans to launch new concepts and use the scale effect in its operations.
Plantwear’s financial results for the first quarter of 2021 showed an improvement in profitability and an increase in sales mainly thanks to the Giftbay platform. The company was not favored by the pandemic last year, yet it managed to maintain sales at a good level. The prospect of opening the economy and tourism should translate into a significant increase in sales in the current year, which should translate into the financial result with improved efficiency.

Wiktor Pyrzyk CEO, Ewelina Bury CDO, Mateusz Skowron Chief Technologist and Agnieszka Stanisławska Marketing Director of Plantwear told us about the company’s plans, sales development outside Poland and new concepts.


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