How to develop former gravel pits in Rożnów? The city council needs ideas.

A few months ago, we wrote about what is happening in the former gravel pit in Rożnów. For a while the topic was quiet, but unexpectedly returned during the last session of the Gródek nad Dunajcem council. What about the investment project?

At the beginning of last year, a large investment in the former gravel pit was launched in the commune of Gródek nad Dunajcem. The representatives of the commune and forest inspectorates planted St. Kinga’s linden trees there. Part of the earthworks has already been completed and the area ready for planting.

‘The reclamation works are already completed, which was confirmed by the decision of the Nowy Sącz staroste, who accepted them. The previously developed concepts of the possibility of land development, as well as entering the object in the map of tourist attractions of the region were only a starting point for cooperation with Krakow universities. It is an attractive area, also for external investors. That is why we are looking for ideas and possibilities of its development.’

Edyta Brongiel, deputy mayor of Gródek on the Dunajec, explained during the session.


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