HiProMine considering IPO on NewConnect

HiProMine – supplier of food proteins based on insects – is planning to build a new technology center and is considering co-financing the investment from IPO funds via a NewConnect listing, said Damian Józefiak – president, and co-founder of HiProMine.

“Thanks to the construction of a production plant based on our own, proven and patented technology, we will enter the huge market of feed materials. The constantly growing global demand for animal protein, combined with limited supply, mainly due to the depletion of natural resources and climate change, will be conducive to our development in the coming years. As part of financing the investment, we are considering entering NewConnect, ”Józefiak said.

HiProMine is a supplier of an alternative protein on a European scale, produced through an innovative, proprietary technology of industrial insect breeding. The company’s offer is directed mainly to the market of pet food and fodder for fish farming, as well as livestock and gardening. The company has full vertical integration of the production process – from its own genetic material to the final product.

Production takes place in a modular model, which makes it easy to scale. The company has its own production lines, which are the result of many research and development projects. They also result in 29 international patent applications, including nine already granted patents. HiProMine is the only entity in Poland and one of only a few in Europe offering products of insect origin in industrial quantities.


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