Maltese Hili Properties looks for real estate deals in Poland and Lithuania

Hili Properties, the international real estate investment subsidiary of Hili Ventures, is pursuing two major acquisitions in Lithuania and Poland to further diversify its €115 million portfolio and extend its footprint.

Hili Properties is in negotiations to acquire landmark real estate hosting an international DIY retail operator in Warsaw. Strategically located on one of the main exit arteries of the Polish capital, close to residential areas and easily accessible by car and public transportation, the newly constructed property has a long lease duration of nine years and extension options. Its single tenant is a leader in its industry.

Hili Properties’ first acquisition in Poland will support its strategy to extend its footprint to more EU countries that present stable economic growth and potential. Poland is one of the more attractive territories for investment in Europe, with stable economic growth, strong internal and international demand, proximity to major continental markets, access to qualified human capital and ever-increasing quality of infrastructure.

“Over the past few years, Hili Properties has invested heavily in assets outside Malta following a clearly defined strategy to identify assets with attractive commercial potential and reposition them on their respective markets,” Hili Properties chairman Pier Luca Demajo explains.


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