Higher sugar production possible, without sudden changes in prices

Nordzucker Polska expects sugar beet yields at the level of the average for 2018-2022, i.e. approx. 60.6 t/ha, while sugar production in Poland may be higher y/y due to the larger area of sugar beets in 2023 compared to 2022, said Marcin Lechowski, President of Nordzucker Polska, in an interview with ISBnews. He also does not anticipate sudden changes in sugar prices, as the market looks stable.

According to the data of the EU Monitoring Agricultural ResourceS (MARS) system sent to ISBnews by Nordzucker Polska, the estimated sugar beet yield for Poland is 63.4 t/ha in 2023, compared to 63.8 t/ha in 2022. For the entire European Union, the MARS forecast is 75.9 t/ha in 2023, compared to the long-term average of 72.8 t/ha (no data for 2022).

Compared to 2022, the sugar beet area in Poland increased by about 30,000 hectares. ha, therefore, higher sugar production can be expected. The sugar beet market is favorable in relation to, for example, the market of cereals or rapeseed. The situation is stable and the growers have guaranteed prices at which the raw material will be purchased,” Lechowski said in an interview with ISBnews.

He indicated that from today’s perspective, he does not expect further rapid changes in sugar prices.


The President of Nordzucker Polska also pointed out that the current condition of beet plantations in the plantation areas of Nordzucker Polska is good, which is due to the rainfall that occurred in the third decade of June and at the beginning of July; on the other hand, favorable conditions in the spring period resulted in high efficiency of herbicides in weed control.


There are several sugar groups in Poland: Krajowa Grupa Spożywcza (seven sugar factories), Sudzucker Polska (four sugar factories), Pfeifer & Langen (four sugar factories) and Nordzucker (two sugar factories).

Headquartered in Germany, the Nordzucker Group is one of the world’s leading sugar producers and employs a total of 4,000 employees in 21 European and Australian sugar factories and refineries. In Poland, Nordzucker operates through Nordzucker Polska with two production plants in Opalenica and Chełmża. Sugar produced in the plant in Chełmża is stored in two silos with a capacity of 60,000 tons and 45,000 tons. Sugar from the factory in Opalenica is stored in three silos with a capacity of 40,000 tons and two 10,000 tons each. Sugar is sold under the Sweet Family brand.


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