Henkel completes 4 million euros investment in production line

The last stage of another investment by Henkel Polska in the detergents and washing agents production plant in Racibórz has been completed. Thanks to the installation of another production line in the plant in Racibórz, the production of a completely new assortment was started: Silan and E brand fabric softeners and Perwoll specialist washing liquid. This is the company’s second investment in a factory in Racibórz over the last three years, and the value of this venture amounted to nearly four million euros.

The range of products manufactured on the new line is intended for sale on the markets of Poland, Ukraine and the Baltic countries. This means great environmental benefits, as the production of detergents in a place closer to the target markets allows to reduce the environmental burden generated by logistic transport by several hundred thousand km per year, which translates into the elimination of approx. 560 tons of CO2.

Completion of the new investment allows not only greater use of the potential of the production lines of the plant in Racibórz, but also allows for more care for the natural environment. All lines in the factory are in operation, and we are happy because it is another investment that fits in Henkel’s sustainable development strategy, said Adrian Wycisk, factory director in Racibórz.


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