EIT Health, PZU Zdrowie, AstraZeneca and Google for Start-ups boost Healthtech

The application of AI, telemedicine and machine learning in healthcare looks set to become Poland’s next major export success story.

Further evidence of the importance of artificial intelligence emerged last month with the publication of preliminary results from a key survey looking at the healthtech sector in Poland, Top Disruptors in Healthcare.

Carried out by Polish Hospital Federation in partnership with EIT Health, PZU Zdrowie, AstraZeneca and Google for Start-ups, almost 100 Polish healthtech start-ups took part in the survey, the first of its kind to take an in-depth look at the development of the sector.

The aim of the report is to develop a comprehensive picture of the medical start-up market in Poland. Collecting the most important information about healthtech companies at various levels of development will facilitate the conclusion of effective partnerships between start-ups and investors, healthcare entities and other partners and end customers.

Ultimately, this will affect the quality and availability of services, enabling patients to use the latest medical technologies and therapeutic methods.

The report finds that the number of start-ups making use of AI has increased considerably over the past year, jumping to 43 per cent from 30 per cent in 2020. The uptake of telemedicine – necessary due to the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, also saw a significant rise: 52 per cent of start-ups now offer telemedicine services


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