Healthnomic has started the process of acquiring the right to WAT technology regarding, among others liquid biopsy

Healthnomic has signed a term sheet with the Military University of Technology (Military University of Technology) initiating the process of acquiring the right to liquid biopsy technology and a system for inactivating viruses, in particular coronaviruses, in the air, the company said.
Thanks to this, the company will gain access to new technologies, which it will be able to further develop and commercialize without territorial and time restrictions.

“I am extremely pleased with the signed term sheet. We have been negotiating with the Military University of Technology for several months. We see great potential in both solutions. Civilization diseases are the main cause of death in the world and, as Healthnomic, we want to take an active part in reducing their adverse impact on people’s lives, said Paweł Wiśniewski, CEO, quoted in the release.

“The new air sterilization system can replace the costly Hepa filters commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry and hospitals in transplant wards. On the other hand, the technology of liquid biopsy for the isolation and identification of cancer cells circulating in the peripheral blood may revolutionize the way of diagnosing and treating cancer diseases globally,” commented the company’s medical director, Aleksandra Jarecka-Dobroń, MD, PhD.

Healthnomic is a technology hub for the diagnosis of lifestyle diseases, based on proprietary solutions supported by AI algorithms. The company also develops therapeutic solutions for selected diseases. The company develops the technology to the stage of commercialization and then sells or licenses it.


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