True cosmetics launches targeting men; raising PLN 1.5 million from crowdfunding

Maciej Adamaszek, who in the past was developing the “W Bieg Cafe” café chain and the “Charlie Food & Friends” restaurant, is entering the market with the True cosmetics line.

The offer is to appear later this month on the Beesfund platform. Adamaszek wants to use the funds raised to develop the product line that was launched in January this year. For now, they focus on combating skin aging and environmental pollution. However, it is distinguished by the composition – 100% vegan, which may be important for consumers who avoid ingredients of animal origin.

Men don’t use cosmetics? A men’s toiletry bag is a toothbrush and shampoo? These are stereotypes that have little to do with reality. According to the Euromonitor International report, the global male care market was to reach over $ 60 billion in 2020. and triple your revenues from 2015. The face creams used by every third Pole are growing the fastest – especially after the age of 30, when we begin to care for aging skin with greater care.

A well-groomed man, a slim figure or a healthy eating style are no longer a cause for jokes, instead evoking glances with a hint of jealousy. The skin of the face is our showcase – says Maciej Adamaszek, creator of the True cosmetics brand.

The new generation pays more attention to the quality, ingredients and ethics of cosmetics production, which will help to maintain an attractive appearance for longer. Still, women make up the vast majority of the cosmetics market. Products addressed to them are responsible for 90 percent. industry sales.

For Maciej Adamaszek, True is also a test in new business. Previously, he worked in the FMCG industry for Mars, Cadbury-Wedel and Alima Gerber, in Poland and Central Europe. After a decade in corporations, he switched to his own. He co-founded one of the largest event agencies in Poland, built a chain of 20 cafes under the “W Biegu Cafe” brand from scratch, and the Charlie Food & Friends restaurant chain operating in Poland and the Czech Republic.

His new company stand out on revenue sharing. The entrepreneur plans to transfer 5 percent of profit from the sale of their products to the Dorastaj z Nami Foundation, which helps children of heroes who died or were injured in the service


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