Hawe Telekom, Ul-com Media and FIORD launch Moscow-Warsaw-Frankfurt DWDM

The Moscow-Warsaw-Frankfurt transmission system is the latest of Hawe Telekom’s investments based on partnership , and the most significant and promising of them.

Telecommunication operators – Polish Hawe Telekom and Russian UL-com Media and FIORD (partners in the PING-WIN project), have jointly completed a key investment – DWDM between Moscow, Warsaw and Frankfurt. The tests confirmed RTD of 31.6 ms.

The joint project of Hawe Telekom and FIORD is the result of partnership and long-term cooperation. It will allow both companies to increase their share in the data transmission market between Russia, Poland and Western Europe. The project has been successively implemented since autumn last year. 

In the first stage Hawe Telekom launched the Warsaw–Vilnius section, then it completed the extension of its DWDM network to Frankfurt am Main. The investment is a response to the need for access to key  destinations in Russia, as well as to global providers of content, cloud services and OTT located in Poland and Frankfurt.

We have launched one of the most modern long-distance DWDM network systems in the region, which is a targeted response to customer demand. The achieved RTD is very competitive and we have already started work on reducing it below 30 ms end-to-end”, – emphasizes Przemyslaw Gagala, International Sales Director at Hawe Telekom.

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