Woom shifts bicycle production from Asia to Poland

The German economic daily writes about the circumstances of the decision of the Austrian manufacturer of children’s bicycles Woom to transfer 40 percent production from Asia to Poland. Behind this decision was the CEO of Guido Dohm, recruited by Woom last summer.

As noted by “Handelsblatt”, this manager was associated with the clothing industry almost all his professional life and knows the “caravan of moving production to the East”, first to Eastern Europe and then to Asia in search of more and more favorable locations. “I’ve always asked myself if the way of thinking shouldn’t be changed,” says Dohm, quoted by Handelsblatt.

Now Dohm can announce at least a partial reverse. “We really do. We manufacture in Europe,” says the manager about moving a large portion of Woom’s production from Asia to Poland.

Dohm explains that the transfer of part of the production to Poland is to be financed, thanks to the proceeds from the sale to investors of some shares in the enterprise. The company’s founders retained 67 percent of the shares. “I don’t think the banks will be as willing to pay for moving production to Poland,” says Dohm.


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