Halvetic begins another year of global expansion with plans to include entry into the Italian and British markets

Innovative and created in the spirit of sustainable agriculture, the Halvetic plant protection product begins its third year of expansion on global markets. (…). The use of Halvetic on EU markets could reduce the annual consumption of active substances in herbicides by up to 20%.

Only a year after a very successful debut in Poland (in spring 2021), Halvetic was registered with, among others, in Slovakia, Romania, Greece, Portugal, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, and also in Spain – where Proplan, a company belonging to the CIECH Group, is responsible for distribution. (…)

– The year 2022 was a breakthrough for the Halvetic brand in the context of global expansion. The enthusiastic reception of the preparation on the Polish market went hand in hand with the positive results of several hundred tests and field trials carried out by us, which were carried out in very diverse climatic and hydrological conditions. The credibility gained in this way translated into a very good reception of Halvetic in other countries. Our goal for 2023 is to expand the geographical reach of this product and promote it to farmers in more countries. This year, we plan to debut on the Italian and British markets, and additionally we are applying for registration in Argentina and Uruguay. Next, we want to introduce Halvetic in Brazil, which is the largest country in the world in terms of arable land area and the world’s largest net exporter of agricultural goods – says Wojciech Babski, President of the Management Board of CIECH Sarzyna and head of the AGRO business of the CIECH Group.

CIECH Sarzyna and Proplan form the AGRO CIECH business, which is the second largest area of the Group’s activity (after the production of soda and salt). For several years, the CIECH Group’s AGRO business has been dynamically developing, increasing its revenues, its share on the Polish market (currently it is 7%), as well as the share of exports in its total sales.


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