Grzegorz Brona has been appointed president of the management board of Creotech Instruments

The supervisory board of Creotech Instruments has re-entrusted the position of president of the management board to Grzegorz Brona, the founder and shareholder of the company, who has been responsible for the area of ​​business development, Creotech said.

“The supervisory board appointed Grzegorz Brona as the president of the company’s management board for a three-year term. His managerial skills should be emphasized, as well as his passion and knowledge of the space industry not only in Poland, which will certainly contribute to the company’s development. The current members of the board of the new term of office were also appointed, whose knowledge and commitment helped Creotech Instruments spread its wings and build a good market position in the last years of its operation, ”said the chairman of the Supervisory Board, Radosław L. Kwaśnicki, quoted in the communiqué.

Dr hab. Grzegorz Brona is a physicist, scientist, member of the Sector Council for Competences of the Aerospace Industry, member of the Space and Satellite Research Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences. A graduate of the Faculty of Physics at the University of Warsaw, where he successfully completed doctoral studies, and then obtained his habilitation. He also completed MBA studies at the University of Commerce and International Finance. Fryderyk Skarbek in Warsaw. Co-founder of Creotech Instruments and CEO in 2015-2018, exchanged.


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