Grupa Muszkieterów will launch a platform for potential franchisees on September 23

Grupa Muszkieterów will launch a new franchise model communication platform on September 23, which is to encourage potential franchisees to start their own business under the Intermarché or Bricomarché brands, the company said.

“The concept takes into account the digitization of the recruitment process thanks to the launch of the Candidate Portal and proposes a completely different way of exchanging information with future entrepreneurs. Two new and independent websites, a change in legal documents and a unique franchise concept are actions that are the response of the Musketeers Group to the challenges related to raising the standards of franchise in Poland. The platform will be launched on September 23 this year, ”reads the release.

Work on the platform was preceded by research carried out in 2021, the purpose of which was to analyze the current trends in the franchise market, as well as the factors that affect the decision to start a business under it. They show that 70% of respondents thought about starting their own business, but only 4% dared to do so, as indicated in the material.

“We want to support Poles' aspirations to start their own business. We want to convince them to the franchise, and then to bind to the well-known and dynamically operating signs belonging to our group. That is why we have built a comprehensive communication platform that encourages entrepreneurs to dialogue with us. We have prepared to accompany future entrepreneurs in the decision-making process to join our structures by opening an Intermarché or Bricomarché store, ”said Marc Dherment, general director of Grupa Muszkieterów in Poland, quoted in the release.

Grupa Muszkieterów is an association of nearly 500 independent Polish entrepreneurs managing Intermarché food supermarkets and Bricomarché home and garden supermarkets. In 2021, the turnover of the Musketeers Group amounted to nearly PLN 8.9 billion.

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