Grupa Muszkieterów launched a new cash register program and started a pilot program of self-service checkouts

Grupa Muszkieterów has started implementing a new checkout system and piloting self-service checkouts at both Bricomarché and Intermarché stores, the company said. Completion of installation works in both networks is expected in 2023.

The first pilot installation of the new cash register program took place on May 16 this year. in the Bricomarché store in Strzegom, and currently there are over 190 stores in the new system. Completion of work is planned for the beginning of 2023, and the next step will be the installation of self-service checkouts and the implementation of a loyalty system, it said.

“Our goal is to introduce the best solutions, not only benefiting our customers, but also facilitating the work of our store staff. That is why we are implementing a new cash register system with which self-service checkouts will be linked. This is another step towards modernizing the supermarkets of both brands of the group and we hope that customers will appreciate it. Every day we make every effort to respond to their needs, ”said Marc Dherment, the general director of the Musketeers Group, quoted in the release.

For Grupa Muszkieterów, self-service checkouts will complement the range of business solutions available to store owners and will have a form adapted to the specificity of a given signboard. In the case of Intermarché, the cash registers will be equipped with a scanner, an additional handheld scanner and a checkweigher. For Bricomarché, the devices will be available in two versions - on a post or mounted on a piece of furniture. They will have two scanners for better handling of large-size goods.

Grupa Muszkieterów is an association of nearly 500 independent Polish entrepreneurs managing Intermarché food supermarkets and Bricomarché home and garden supermarkets. In 2021, the turnover of the Musketeers Group amounted to nearly PLN 8.9 billion.

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