Grupa Kęty counts on demand and sales 40-50% higher y / y in IIQ

Grupa Kęty assumes a stable, high demand for its products in Q2 and is counting on sales by 40-50% higher y / y, said Vice President Rafał Warpechowski. A possible update of the forecast for 2022 may be performed by the group on the occasion of the estimated results for 2018 Q2.

“The situation in Ukraine means that everything we present is subject to high risk and we can talk about our forecasts with accuracy to what will happen. But from what we can see, the demand for our products looks stable and is very high today. Therefore, if we ensure the availability of our installations, sales should be approx. 40-50% higher y / y [in Q2], ”Warpechowski said during the conference.

In December 2021, Grupa Kęty announced that it forecasts the achievement of PLN 5,415 million of consolidated revenues in 2022, compared to PLN 4,556 million assumed in 2021, PLN 653 million of operating profit (compared to PLN 734 million, respectively) 826 million PLN in EBITDA (compared to PLN 886 million) and PLN 549 million in net profit (compared to PLN 582 million). Investment outlays estimated for 2022 are PLN 497 million.

Grupa Kęty is the parent company of the capital group that conducts business in three operating segments: the Extruded Products Segment (EPS), the Aluminum Systems Segment (ASS) and the Flexible Packaging Segment (FPS). The company has been listed on the WSE since 1996. Its consolidated sales revenues reached PLN 4.6 billion in 2021.

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