GreenWay Polska wants to have up to 1,000 charging stations with a capacity of 200-400 kW within 3 years

GreenWay Polska plans to launch 1.5 thousand DC charging points over the next 3 years, mainly in the form of charging hubs with a single point capacity of 200-400 kW each, which means doubling the company’s current network, ISBnews CEO Rafał Czyżewski told ISBnews.

“We are preparing for very significant investments in connection with the obtained financing, within 3 years we want to launch about one thousand five hundred fast charging points (which will translate into doubling them in the GreenWay network), mainly in the form of hubs with a power point of 200-400 kW each” Czyżewski said in an interview with ISBnews.

According to him, the first effects of the investment should be visible next year.

“Currently, there are 530 publicly available charging stations in the GreenWay network in Poland, of which nearly 290 are DC stations (with a power of 50 kW and up), including 38 devices with a power of 150 kW and higher, and 78 chargers with a power of 100-150 kW,” added the president.

On the other hand, among the AC stations, devices of the company’s partners, managed by GreenWay Polska, have a large share. These are both public and private facilities, not included in the total number of stations available to customers.

This gives the company the position of market leader, although the head of GreenWay Polska realizes that it will be difficult to maintain it in the long term.

“It is clear that our dominant position will be difficult to maintain and it is to be expected that our market share will gradually decrease as the investment plans announced by our competitors are implemented. At the same time, the very dynamic development of the electromobility market in Poland is very important to us,” emphasized Czyżewski.

According to him, it is difficult to assume specific market shares in the long term in such a dynamically changing market.

“We are doing our job, we want to continue to develop the network as quickly as possible, expand the team and efficiently serve customers, including the development of maintenance services” – summed up the president.

GreenWay Polska is part of the international GreenWay group, operating in the field of electromobility. It is the most intensively developing electric car charging network in Central Europe.


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