GreenWay Polska plans to launch approx. 90 charging stations in 2022.

GreenWay plans to launch 150 charging stations in 2022, including 90 in Poland and 60 in Slovakia. In the following years, the dynamics of launching new stations should accelerate, Rafał Czyżewski, the president of GreenWay Polska, informed ISBnews.
“From this year on, we stopped buying 50 kW devices and most of the newly launched stations will have a capacity of 150 kW, and only some 100 kW, depending on the possibility of connecting the station to the power grid in given locations. We also want to gradually increase the power of the existing 50 kW stations to 100 or 150 kW, ”Czyżewski said in an interview with ISBnews.

GreenWay Polska is a leader on the Polish market in terms of the number of public charging stations for electric cars. Currently, there are 358 of them on the Polish market (and 407 including private stations managed by GreenWay), including 194 with a capacity of at least 50 kW and about 15 with a capacity of 150 kW.

GreenWay Polska manages the largest publicly accessible network of fast charging stations for electric vehicles in Poland. GreenWay chargers are also available in Slovakia. Currently, there are over 350 charging stations in the company's network in Poland.

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