GreenWay Polska has installed 201 e-car stations in InPost logistics centers

GreenWay Polska has installed 201 charging stations for electric cars in InPost's logistics centers, the company announced.

“New chargers for InPost's electric car fleet have been installed in 30 locations throughout Poland. The 201 devices installed by GreenWay Polska included 24 60 kW DC chargers (including one 120 kW), 164 2×22 kW AC chargers and 13 1×22 kW AC chargers. In addition, in 20 locations, GreenWay installed dynamic power management solutions - EMS, allowing for the maximum use of available power and optimization of energy costs in the facilities. Thanks to the fleet agreement, InPost couriers also have the opportunity to use generally available chargers of the public GreenWay network.

GreenWay provides InPost with access to extensive reports that allow you to manage the charging infrastructure and fleet of vehicles.

“The next step in the cooperation between InPost and GreenWay Polska is the involvement of the largest charging network operator in Poland in the construction of chargers in close proximity to InPost Paczkomaty machines. So far, 6 such devices have been launched and they are already available in the GreenWay public charging network.

GreenWay Polska is part of the international GreenWay group, operating in the field of electromobility. It is the most intensively developing electric car charging network in Central Europe.

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